Cocotte: Part Deux

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I take it back.

French food can be hot, but only if it’s in Singapore. After the indulgence of the last visit to Cocotte, visions of roast chicken and French butter danced in my head, though not with each other and not to a Brazilian tango. But I digress. Despite the less than scalding temperature of the nosh from the first visit, we were looking for a suitably special restaurant for a celebratory lunch (new job and exam passed!) and Cocotte fit the bill, so we went.

To relive the delectable experience, we visited one sultry Saturday afternoon for lunch and were rewarded with the lunch set menus. There were a few to choose from; you decide on the set and pick the dishes from pre-selected groups. Tip: Visit them at lunch time for the same good food at half to 2/3 the price you’d have to pay for dinner.

I love French butter. It goes so well with the crackly bread that Cocotte serves up before the appetisers arrive. This time around, I decided to try completely different dishes. For starters, we had the Rosette and Fried Tripe.

The Rosette, described as “French cured pork sausage”, turned out to be a wooden serving board holding the aforementioned sausage sliced to resemble a rose, a ramekin with olives (and maybe capers?), sundried tomatoes and a quenelle of whole grain mustard. Ok lah. I really liked the mustard, which actually went better with the Fried Tripe.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of pig offal soup. I read about how this tripe “is different”, so I decided I had to try it. Try only mah. Let’s just say that while it’s nothing like its boiled cousin, this fried version, while interesting and not unpleasant, didn’ turn me into a convert. 猪杂汤-lovers everywhere can heave a sigh of relief; more for you. I liked the texture, but the taste wasn’t so mindblowing that I’d order it again. Speaking of mindblowing…

Having already tried the chicken and pork from the last visit, I went for the Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass. Owe Mah Gahd! Conversation ceased. Crispy skin on the outside and done just so on the inside, this was one piece of fish I was not going to share. Complemented perfectly by the very tasty zucchini gratin and tomato provencal, the roasted fennel was almost superfluous. Note that I said “almost”. I pronouce it delectomundo! Yes, I just made up a word. And yes, it was a hot dish FINALLY! On to dessert…

Who doesn’t love a happy ending, eh? I adored the crispy praline layer in the Chocolate Royal, a welcome contrast to the Valhrona Araguani mousse. Again, one dish I’d be unhappy to share. If you’re a chocolate addict or if your dining companion is one, you really should get your own. To avoid the inevitable fist-fight, you know? Paired with Gryphon Earl Grey tea, let’s just say I got my happy ending.

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
+65 6298 1188

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