Cocotte: French Food sans Fuss

April 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hot French food is an oxymoron.

One thing this bear has never been able to figure out is why French food is never piping hot. Whether in Paris or Singapore, I’ve never managed to scald my tongue while chowing down on French cuisine. My recent visit to Cocotte at Wanderlust Hotel didn’t change my opinion, but it did open my eyes to how satisfying and un-snooty French food can be.

Take the Poulet Roti, for example.

A whole organic chicken stuffed with herbs and roasted in butter is a beautiful thing to behold, with its crisp brown skin and perfectly juicy breast served simply on a carving board. All Chinese grandmothers will poohpooh at me when I say this, but I really do believe the best part of the chicken is the breastmeat. When done well, the meat is tender and succulent. Cocotte’s rendition was spot-on; the breast was perfectly cooked and retained all the moisture from its 2-day soak in the marinade. The mushroom gravy was tasty with a lovely umami kick; the chicken didn’t need it, but I liberally poured it over the meat anyway, it was so good.

I don’t normally like brussel sprouts, but the little baby ones that shared plate space with the roast pork collar were delicious! Topped with toasted almond slivers, the flavours of the pork, mushrooms and mustard melded together into a symphony of flavour.

Not often seen on restaurant menus, the Basque cake is essentially a cake with a filling — a sort of cake-pie (or pie-cake?), if you will. Cocotte’s version was chocolate-filled today, and came with a generous dollop of fresh cream. Rich, dark and best shared with a friend.

A delightfully sweet and smooth ending to a hearty, stick-to-the-ribs meal, the creme brulee came with a crackly top that shattered to reveal a creamy vanilla bean-specked custard. One espresso later, a very stuffed bear exited No. 2 Dickson Road with a full belly and big smile.

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
+65 6298 1188

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  • […] French food can be hot, but only if it’s in Singapore. After the indulgence of the last visit to Cocotte, visions of roast chicken and French butter danced in my head, though not with each other and not to a Brazilian tango. But I digress. Despite the less than scalding temperature of the nosh from the first visit, we were looking for a suitably special restaurant for a celebratory lunch (new job and exam passed!) and Cocotte fit the bill, so we went. […]

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