Table 66: Restaurant Week

October 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Finally, wagyu beef!

After being disappointed at Absinthe, I was so pleased to find wagyu beef on the set dinner menu for Restaurant Week at Table 66 that I was willing to overlook that it was a minute steak, i.e. thinly sliced steak seared on the grill for about a minute. I like my meat thick and juicy, but sometimes you just gotta accept what’s offered, eh? Hmm that sounded wrong. Anyway, I’m jumping too far ahead of myself.

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Wonton Skin Canapés

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Does this sound familiar?

You bought a pack of wonton wrappers and made boatloads of dumplings and siew mai, but you still have half a pack of wrappers and cannot bear to face yet another steamed/deep fried ball of minced pork. What do you do now?

Why, invite a bunch of friends over for a canape party, of course!

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Seafood Feast (Part 3): Steamed Prawns with Ginger Sauce

September 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

I swear I’m not a heartless fiend, but…

…when prawns are so fresh that their babies have only been orphaned 5 seconds ago, their flesh is firm and not powdery, with a natural sweetness. The best way to appreciate the freshness is to steam or boil them in their shells. I opted for steaming to retain all that prawny goodness. I actually feel a little guilty calling this a recipe since it’s so simple, but damn it’s so good!

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Seafood Feast (Part 1): Poached Snakehead Fish, Thai-Style

September 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ll admit right off the bat; I’m a lazy cook.

So anything that can help to shorten the time it takes to whip up dinner without compromising on flavor, quality and healthfulness is fair game, which brings me to those wonderful pre-filleted slabs of fish sold in supermarkets these days. Chide me if you will about the tragic waste of fishbones for stock-making; I’m immune because I have no plans to make fish soup anytime in the near future. For busy working folk like us, “fish slabs” are a godsend.

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